Work Visas for the EU

Certain work-related activities may exceed that which is permitted under the classification of “business” and would require a National Visa Category “D”, otherwise known as a National D Visa. A National D Visa permits the holder to enter a specific Schengen Area country for a specified period of time to undertake either paid employment in the Schengen country, or to fulfil specific work contracts and assignments in the Schengen Area on behalf of a third-country company.
A National D Visa allows the holder to reside in a Schengen country for periods exceeding 90 days, up to a year with the intention of returning to their country of origin once they work contract is complete. The holder of a National D Visa who is under employment in the Schengen country, can apply for a Residency Permit in the country during the validity of the D Visa.
Once the National D Visa is issued it does permit the holder to travel between Schengen countries. D visas can be either single or multiple entry.

Applying for a National D Visa

As the stay exceeds that of 90 days, the jurisdiction is beyond that of the Schengen Agreement and the visa is applied for and issued by the individual country to which you are intending to work.
Documents required as part of the application process do vary from country to country, with some countries needing either pre-authorisation from the foreign office in the country of intended travel or the legalisation of degree certificates.

British Passport Holders

British passport holders must obtain a National D Visa should they wish to undertake paid employment in any Schengen Area country.
Now Britain has left the EU, British nationals will have to obtain a National D Visa to undertake certain work activities even if the length of stay does not exceed 90 days. The types of work activities which would dictate the need to obtain a D visa vary from country to country.
British passport holders must apply for a National D visa should their stay in a Schengen country exceed 90 days in any 180-day period.